How to E-Sign Documents Sent Using zipLogix Digital Ink® SIGNix

Step 1: Open the email and click on the link inside.

Step 2: Click “Accept” if you agree to the legal terms or “Decline” if you do not. Then click on the Next button. (Note: declining will result in exiting.  Please contact us to discuss your signing options.)

Step 3: Set up a password and signing signature.   Select the signature type that you wish to use, then click the “On to View/Sign” button.

Step 4: Click “Let Me Review” to read through the document(s).  Click  “GO!” to get right to signing.

Step 5: Click on each signature/initial field required to sign.  Then click the “next” button on the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Once all signature/initial fields are signed, you will see the pop-up below.  You can click “Stay Here” to review the documents you digitally signed or “Finish” to complete the signing.

Step 7: You’re digital signing is complete!  You can click the “review” button to view your signatures/initials.